Air conditioning systems might seem like a luxury item to have in your home, but it’s actually more essential to your life than you might things. Keeping your health and home in mind, here are five reasons why you should invest in an air conditioner.

Humidity can Damage Your Home

Because there’s so much moisture in the air as you increase the humidity level, you’re unknowingly putting your wooden furniture and home’s structural support at risk of damage. Over time, that moisture will eat through the beams holding up your home, as well as damage the drywall and disrupt the integrity of your home. Not only will this create an unsafe environment for you and your family, but it will hurt the resale value of your home.

It Keeps Unwanted Pests Out

Humidity levels are a big factor when it comes to pest control, as many studies have shown that dust mites can be completely evacuated from your home when the humidity level is lowered to less than 50%. Higher humidity levels also increase the rate of organic decay, which can attract bugs. You’re providing them with a major food source, essentially inviting them into your home. As this probably isn’t you want, be sure to actively use your air conditioning system to keep them out.

Humidity can Create Toxins

The moisture in high humidity air will draw toxins out of your furniture and home while increasing the rates of the formation of dangerous chemicals. These chemicals, like formaldehyde, can be found in lamps, couches and metal stoves. In the modern age, it’s difficult to live without these things, and without air conditioning, your increasing the risk of these harmful chemicals getting into your system. It’s also important to note that many types of mould can only be found in high humidity environments, with the moisture in the air encouraging them to grow quickly. As mould is typically toxic to humans, you should work on getting an air conditioner installed ASAP.

Too Much Humidity isn’t Healthy

Many people believe that low humidity during the winter time isn’t good for your health. While that’s true, high humidity is just as bad for your overall health as well. It takes a toll on your immune system, which can result in health problems and allergies. More humidity means an increased level of dirt, pests, dust mites and mould spores could be floating in the air around you. If you’re experiencing respiratory issues, try turning on the air conditioning, as that might minimize the effects.

Air Conditioners Will Keep You Happy

In a 1975 study done by Persinger et al., scientists found that there was a significant relationship between low mood and high humidity levels. Because higher humidity levels cause negative experiences, people end up not feeling as happy as they should with their lives. Air conditioning will effectively resolve any humidity issues and leave you feeling more content and comfortable in your home.


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